Track everything. Simply.

Manage all of your tracking pixels, conversion tags and scripts in one place.

Get It For Shopify iMac with logos of advertising platforms around it.

Complete analytics without the hassle.

Install tags and pixels from our library or make your own and choose when to activate them.

Logos of social platforms.

Total tracking for Facebook, Google Ads and more.

Track all the data you need with premade pixels and tags. Conversion events like checkout, add to cart and search are all tracked precisely for every pixel.

Checkout button being clicked and triggers being activated.

Activate your scripts anywhere you want.

Create an unlimited number of custom scripts and activate them from anywhere on your shop. Simple triggers let you pick where and when your script should be activated.

Logos of social platforms with a browser in the background.

Update-proof tags and pixels that always work.

Don't worry about copying your tags and scripts when you update your theme. Civil Pixels will always load your scripts no matter what theme is used.

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Your plan comes with everything you need to manage your scripts, pixels and tags. All for $15/month.

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Your plan includes:

  • Unlimited pixels and tags
  • Priority Support - Replies within 24 hours
  • Tracking with complete conversion events for:
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Google Ads (Adwords) Tag
    • Snapchat Pixel
    • Twitter Conversion Tag
    • Reddit Pixel
    • Quora Pixel
    • TikTok Pixel
  • Activate any script with easy triggers:
    • Page view & thank you page triggers
    • Post-search triggers
    • Regular + AJAX add to cart triggers
    • Checkout initiation triggers
    • Order completion triggers