Google Ads (Adwords) Tag for Shopify

In 3 clicks without any code at all, Civil Pixels adds the Google Ads Conversion Tag to Shopify, letting you get ROAS and retarget visitors. Are you ready to start remarketing and tracking conversions?

Install the Google Ads Tag for Shopify
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Get the Google Ads Tag in 3 clicks.

Track purchases and collect data without the work.

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Get your Google Ads' ROAS and figure out what makes money.

Civil Pixels sends back order data to Google in the Purchase event. This data lets you know exactly how much each ad is making.

Install the Google Ads Tag for Shopify
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Train your Google Ads (Adwords) Tag to retarget and remarket.

Collect data with conversion events so you can retarget on the Google Display Network and on Youtube.

Install the Google Ads Tag for Shopify
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We connect to your account to set everything up for you.

We'll connect with your Google Adwords account and get everything prepared. Choose which ad account you want and let us do the work.

Install the Google Ads Tag for Shopify

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Your plan includes:

  • Complete Google Ads (Adwords) conversion tracking
  • Priority Support - Replies within 24 hours
  • Tracking with complete conversion events using:
    • Google Ads (Adwords) Checkout tracking
    • Google Ads (Adwords) Add to Cart tracking
  • A library of integrations and custom scripts that you can activate with:
    • Page view & thank you page triggers
    • Post-search triggers
    • Regular + AJAX add to cart triggers
    • Checkout initiation triggers
    • Order completion triggers